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Opening a business in France in tough! We are here to help.

  • Creating your company

  • Choosing your bank, accountant, etc. 

  • Business plan

  • Pedagogical project

  • Planning 

  • Legal requirements

  • Real Estate contacts 

  • Feasibility study

  • Lease agreement negociation

  • Plans drafting

  • Negociations with architects 

  • City Hall permits

  • Négociations with contractors

  • Filing with CAF

  • Filing with Child Protection

  • Opening preparation

  • HR / Hiring

  • Management Tools

  • Daily operations help

The franchisee recruitment process

Our franchisees are selected based on:

  • their area of implantation

  • their investment potential 

  • their profile (operational or investor)

  • their education and experience

  • their fit with Little Frogs values

  • their entrepreneurial skills

It is also you, who selects Little Frogs as franchisors. 

It is this matching that is at the heart of our partnership! 

Let's talk about your project!

Personalized support for the success of your project

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Little Frogs accompanies you throughout your project.



All the steps and sub-steps of creating a daycare are precisely listed and detailed.

We follow the progress of your project together and you can contact Little Frogs directly at each stage.


This is the key of your success!

Little Frogs at Franchise Expo 2023

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