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Welcoming international families:

  • Little Frogs is skilled and used to welcome families from all around the world

    • Expats, multilingual families, travelers, etc. 

  • From the first contact email, Little Frogs can welcome you in English, French or even Spanish 

Our bilingual team:

  • Native French or English speakers.

  • On a daily basis, each person speaks their native language consistently.

  • For reasons of safety, medical care, and communication with families, all team members are able to communicate in both languages.

The children at Little Frogs:

  • Whether they are French or English speaker, or from elsewhere, Little Frogs is capable and delighted to welcome them to the daycare.

  • They quickly understand who speaks which language and develop an emotional connection.

  • Language development through emotional connection allows for simultaneous early bilingualism, similar to a mixed-language household where each parent speaks a different language to their child.


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The benefits of a bilingual brain (par Mia Nacamulli)

Nationalities at Little Frogs, reflecting our multicultural treasure

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